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Being compared to other Personal Trainer Companies in London, Elite Personal Trainers London offers a wide range of packages and fitness plans at competitive prices. From Trial Sessions, so that you can meet us, tell us about your fitness ambitions and goals, like our workouts, and decide to begin your fitness journey with us, to Intensive Plans, we offer more than just fun or hard workouts. We want to make sure you get the best service possible, the results you aimed for, and the body you always dreamed of because here, at Elite PT London, with price comes quality.

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The first step on your fitness journey - an initial assessment.

During this session, we will collect important information about your capacities in the key areas of strength, mobility, stability, symmetry, and balance. We will ask about your lifestyle and discuss your goals and expectations. It is crucial to get an understanding of your current physical abilities and limitations to ensure that we design a safe and effective fitness program.


Single Trial Session - £60


T&C's apply

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With all the information gathered, training and nutrition advice ready, your fitness training can begin. Your personal trainer will help you choose a package of sessions that will suit your training plan.

Session packages give you the freedom to choose how often you want to train. Completely flexible, however, they have an expiry date. They are ideal for those who are committed to training on their own but lack direction.


Your personal trainer will guide you through your training plan during sessions and advise how to work on it when/if you train on your own.


Bronze Pack - 10 sessions - £1,300

(40 days to use)

Silver Pack - 20 sessions - £2,550

(80 days to use)

Gold Pack - 30 sessions - £3,750

(120 days to use)

*FULHAM GYM is -20% of the above prices​

​T&C's apply


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We call it our body transformation plan.

​From 6 to 18 weeks - from a good kick-start to real results. We are dedicated to helping you, and you need to be committed to your fitness goal.  

After an initial assessment and nutritional consultation to start with, you will receive a tailored training and meal program with supplementation. We will monitor and record your progress and take weekly measurements. You will be pushed to your physical limits to achieve maximum results but in a healthy, safe, and sustainable way.


Your training and nutrition plans will be reviewed and adjusted based on how well you complete your weekly progress goals. It is an essential way to achieve your desired transformation.


6 weeks - £3,840

12 weeks - £7,440

18 weeks - £10,800


- Each plan includes 4 sessions /week

*FULHAM GYM is -20% of the above prices​

T&C's apply


Start your personal training journey with us today...

Each package includes*

Training System

  • Personal training sessions 

  • Exercise plan - customized to your fitness goals

  • Weekly/monthly body measurements (weight) for Intensive Plans only.

  • KraftGun Massage session when needed 

Nutrition System*

(Intensive Plan only)

  • Meal Plan

  • Customised nutrition guidelines

  • Supplements included


  • Full record and monitoring of your performance and progress

  • Daily review and adjustments to training/nutrition systems if needed



  • All our packages and plans have to be paid upfront in full in order to start your sessions. Neither full/part packages or single sessions can be transferred to another person. If you choose to end your package early for any reason, you are not entitled to a refund for any of the remaining sessions.

  • NEW - Session Packages (Bronze 10, Silver 20, and Gold 30) have an expiry date. You still choose when and how often you would like to use your sessions until the expiry date. You will be given an exact expiry date when you sign up for a Session Package. The expiration period runs from the date of your first session to an expiry day. Expiration periods for Session packages are as follows; Bronze Pack - 40 days; Silver Pack – 80 days; Gold Pack – 120 days.

  • Intensive Plans are a real commitment, and all sessions have to be used strictly within the chosen period. Missed sessions cannot be refunded. Clients are required to provide daily updates /photos of the food they prepare and consume for tracking purposes.

  • There is a standard no-refund policy on all bookings made with our personal trainers once the package has started due to the upfront cost incurred to prepare the package. Although, if you need to cancel a session, please provide at least 24hours cancellation notice, and the session will be rearranged. Anything less will unfortunately result in the session being lost. A refund may be provided on packages canceled within 14 days from the date of purchase (less any costs already incurred) as long as the package has not started.

  • Session duration time may vary depending on how well you perform your training routine (usually between 40-50mins). Maximum run time is 60 minutes. This means a single session does not need to run for 60 minutes if you finish your routine quicker.

  • There is a grace period of 15min max if you are running late. This is to allow enough time to perform a full workout routine. Always inform your PT if you are running late.

  • Intensive Plans DISCLAIMER - Results may vary and are based on individual circumstances. A commitment from a client is always required!

  • By purchasing our services you agree to the above terms and conditions.

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