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Personal Trainer Notting Hill

Health and fitness have become more important than in previous years with people focusing on their weight to improve their overall health. Enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle can improve cardio performance and make it easier to do and enjoy everyday tasks, such as playing in the garden with your children, going for a family walk on a Sunday afternoon, or having some fun cycling in the woods.


Everyone is unique and how you train and how you reach your goals will be different to the person standing next to you. Our experienced and qualified team of personal trainers in Notting Hill will work closely with our clients identifying their goals and taking their fitness and abilities into consideration to create a tailored training program that will achieve the fastest and most effective results.

Results Driven – Mindful Decisions


Elite PT London is very results-driven and focuses on providing clients with solutions to transform their bodies and achieve fast results. The team works throughout London with five London locations where clients can secure the personal training that they need. The five locations include Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington, Mayfair and Notting Hill.

Gym Workout

We understand that everyone thrives in a different environment, which is why our clients decide where they want to work out. Do you feel more comfortable at home, in your garden, or at the office? Do you prefer working out in your gym or the local park? Our personal trainers in Notting Hill will meet you where you feel most comfortable to ensure you achieve the best results. Make use of any of our gyms and we will pay the membership fee when using one of our experienced and qualified personal trainers.


Choice of Packages and Plans


Elite PT London offers a host of packages and plans at competitive prices, which include training, nutrition, and support. Our personal trainers in Notting Hill guarantee the best results when it comes to body transformations, whether bulking up, losing weight, or getting ready for a wedding or special event.

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